Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Media City Free Zone, also known as Ajman Free Zone, presents the latest opportunity for establishing a free zone business in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Ajman city. Established in 1988, the Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) has played a significant role in the emirate’s industrial development by attracting a diverse range of companies. Its competitive privileges and facilities have bolstered the industry, trade, and financial sectors, leading to substantial growth and returns on investment for many companies.

The free zone actively encourages investments and provides a conducive environment for such endeavors. This includes contributing to the formulation of general policies, providing information, conducting studies, executing projects, organizing exhibitions and conferences, and engaging in other constructive activities. These efforts are supported by national initiatives and a skilled workforce, all aimed at fostering economic growth and enhancing the well-being of Ajman’s society and that of the United Arab Emirates as a whole.

Our Audit Approach

Requirement Assessment

We’ll determine the most suitable audit service for you based on your industry, selecting the
necessary audit cycles to prepare an accurate quotation.

Data Collection

Once services and quotations are approved, we’ll need specific data from the company for the


Developing and organizing the audit procedure

We create a personalized plan tailored to the client’s specific requirements, employing distinct methodologies for various audit types such as balance sheet audit, cash flow statement audit, fraud audit, inventory audit, cash audit, stock audit, and others.


Preparation of Audit Report

Audits are conducted across different sections, producing various reports. We scrutinize these documents to ensure alignment with the federal laws of the UAE. Following this, the reports are consolidated before being presented to the board of directors and shareholders.

Post Audit Assistance

The audit report provides comprehensive information for a thorough understanding of your company. Should you require additional support in implementing any changes based on the findings, we are at your disposal.


1. How can I track the progress of my firm's audit?

  • There are several methods to monitor your firm’s audit progress. One straightforward approach is to review key performance indicators (KPIs), which offer valuable insights into the audit’s advancement and its alignment with the firm’s objectives.

2. Will your audit team offer tax assistance as well?

  • Absolutely, ensuring compliance with all applicable laws is a key focus of our team. Therefore, we will assist with tax regulations to help you remain compliant.

3. Is audit mandatory for businesses in the Ajman Free Zone?

  • Yes, it is compulsory for all businesses registered under the Ajman Free Zone to conduct an annual audit and submit the report to the relevant authorities. Failure to submit an audit report may result in heavy penalties imposed on the registered business.