Due Diligence Audit

Due Diligence Audit

Protect your company from exposure to unethical or unwanted associations with AFS Auditing meticulous investigative due diligence products. A due diligence Dubai is basically a careful investigation into the complete financial picture of a company. Generally, these audits come before a purchase, merger, or other major decision that could negatively influence the finances of one or more businesses. AFSA, with a highly methodical and strategic approach, possesses a unique ability to penetrate the crux of the matter. A specially trained and highly experienced team of professionals is assigned specifically for this domain. We conduct Due Diligence for Individuals & Corporates.


Due diligence Dubai

Due diligence Dubai is an investigation, audit, or review performed to confirm facts or details of a matter under consideration. Reputation, assets, financials, criminal checks, etc. are some of the deliverables of this report. These audits are generally used to ensure that no hidden liabilities exist. In the realm of finance, due diligence entails scrutinizing financial records prior to engaging in a proposed transaction with another party. Due diligence is a process or effort to collect and analyze information before making a decision or conducting a transaction, so a party is not held legally liable for any loss or damage. While applicable in various scenarios, the term is particularly noteworthy in the context of business transactions. Due diligence is performed by investors who want to minimize risk, broker-dealers who want to ensure that a party to any transaction is fully informed of the details so that the broker-dealer is not held responsible, and companies who are considering acquiring another firm. Fundamentally, doing your due diligence means that you have gathered the necessary facts to make a wise and informed decision.


Types of Due Diligence:
  1. Accounting/Financial Due Diligence:
    AFSA’s financial due diligence scrutinizes a company’s financial data, including annual earnings, assets, financial statements, debts, credits, profit margins, customer accounts, and future projections.
  2. Administrative Due Diligence:
    Administrative due diligence evaluates a company’s facilities, ensuring that all active costs are accurately reflected in financial statements. This includes details of owned or leased facilities, occupancy rates, and operational expenses associated with expansion.
  3. Asset Due Diligence:
    AFSA’s asset due diligence focuses on compiling information about a company’s assets, their locations, equipment lease agreements, documentation of significant asset transactions, property deeds, mortgages, title insurance, and user permits.
  4. Taxes Due Diligence:
    Our taxes due diligence reviews a company’s tax responsibilities, examining income and sales tax statements, withholding, and other tax returns over the past three to five years. This includes scrutiny of pending taxes, unresolved tax-related cases, and any questionable interactions with tax authorities.


Utilizing accounting software and due diligence VDR solutions streamlines this exhaustive process, making it less time-consuming and more rewarding. AFSA ensures secure data sharing with investors, providing a reliable foundation for well-informed decisions. Choose AFS Auditing for meticulous due diligence Dubai that safeguards your business from unforeseen risks and ensures a wise and informed decision-making process.



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Due Diligence Audit in Dubai