Global Presence


AFS Auditing is a member of ANTEA, an Alliance of Independent Firms, which is an international association of independent firms offering audit, consulting, tax and legal advice. ANTEA is highly ranked in the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB).

Through ANTEA, we have representatives in 70 countries and more than 350 offices worldwide, with a strong presence in Europe & Latin America. ANTEA’s members are the most professional renowned for their excellence of work in their respective countries. ANTEA is one of the leading firm who is having experts in 70 countries. Due to the vast root in different regions, we are coping the international needs and it benefits our members. ANTEA can provide better solutions for all your financial needs in any country by the help of qualified auditing/accounting firms. The major key to our success is only through delivering trusted partners according to your needs. ANTEA’s transparency, trust and direct service will ease your hunt for financial advisors.