Corporate Services

Corporate Services

AFSA is committed to helping you grow your business and improve your bottom line. Our goal is to establish a lasting partnership with you and contribute to the growth of your business. We propel the strategic and growth aspirations of our clients. To create sustainable, serious plans for the future, companies require consultants with specialized industry knowledge and experience. Our creative and innovative solutions combined with a strategic approach to fast development and problem diagnosis skills enable us to give you the best in the industry.

Our services are designed with your business and financial needs in mind. We will work closely with you in the development of management strategies to achieve your optimum business potential, identify areas of control weaknesses or inefficiencies in the financial system and determine appropriate areas of improvement. Business development activity is paramount to the survival of a business and is a process that requires constant analysis and change. We do assist in setting up different types of business organizations like limited liability companies, free zone companies, offshore companies, sole establishments, etc. Our services include selecting locations, licensing, documentation, and identification of local sponsors complying with legal requirements. We perform all the formalities required by relevant legislation for the incorporation of companies in all jurisdictions. Together, we identify financially feasible business opportunities that will achieve greater business performance for our clients, overall. Our business startup guide is a good launching pad into the in’s and out’s of starting a business.

Business consulting services include:

  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Trademark registration
  • CFO services
  • Budgeting, Forecasting, and Projections
  • Business valuations

Business setup services include:

  • Company formation services
  • Limited Liability Companies as per UAE Company Law
  • Free zone companies (FZE, FZCO) in various free zones across UAE
  • Offshore Companies
  • Sole establishments
  • Litigation advisory and arbitration
  • Dis investments
  • Business relocation
  • Liquidation services

Business Valuation & Restructuring

Business valuation is a nuanced, subjective, and occasionally contentious matter. Experts at AFS Auditing will boost the value of your company using Corporate Valuation and Restructuring. Strategic planning and transactions are pivotal junctures for companies. We navigate you through the implications of valuation and business modeling, offering insights to enhance your understanding of the impact on your business. We assist clients in advancing their strategic, financial, and tax agendas through a blend of corporate finance and valuation analyses.

A reorganization of a company’s assets and liabilities aka financial restructuring is one of the specialties of AFS Auditing. Every time your company goes through a corporate restructuring, a phase of financial restructuring is in order. We will deal with your debt-to-equity structures and cash-flow needs. Building an effective business restructure, whether it‘s to evaluate a transaction, a new market opportunity, or for other strategic purposes, is a complex and difficult task. We are a global firm, experienced in advising on complex cross-border restructurings with knowledge in international jurisdictions.

For a valuation report to be well accepted, one needs to thoroughly analyze financial, non-financial, and other data. This demands professional who are highly experienced, dedicated, and exceptionally motivated. We are well-equipped to assist clients in their business endeavors, providing comprehensive expertise in regional and international regulations and laws.


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Corporate Services in Dubai