Forensic & Fraud Investigation Auditing

Forensic & Fraud Investigation Auditing

A forensic audit assesses and analyzes the financial records of a company or individual to gather evidence for use in a court of law or legal proceedings. Forensic audits cover a wide range of investigative activities. A forensic audit is often conducted to prosecute a party for fraud, embezzlement, or other financial crime, corruption, asset misappropriation, and financial statement fraud. A forensic auditor is required to have special training in forensic audit techniques and the legalities of accounting issues. At the audit’s end, the forensic auditor must comprehend the potential fraud type and its method of execution.

With the responsibility of detecting and preventing fraud placed directly on the accounting profession, we are responsible for recognizing fraud and learning the tools and strategies necessary to stop it. Conducting forensic audits necessitates expertise in accounting and auditing procedures, coupled with a deep understanding of the legal framework surrounding such audits. Forensic audits could also involve situations that do not include financial fraud, such as disputes related to bankruptcy filings and business closures.

A Fraud Investigation Audit aids a company in evaluating the actual losses incurred, encompassing both financial and non-financial aspects. A well-run fraud investigation can enhance a company’s welfare, which can help detect and recover the source of lost assets, identify responsible culprits and recover losses. In a fraud audit, there’s usually an allegation or discovery of fraud. The accountant is then engaged to collect evidence or serve as an expert witness in legal proceedings associated with fraud.


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Forensic & Fraud Investigation Auditing in Dubai