Dubai court orders man to pay $1.25 billion to Denmark in tax case



A British man accused by Denmark of masterminding a USD 1.7 billion tax fraud has been ordered by a Dubai court to pay Copenhagen’s tax authority USD 1.25 billion, court filings seen on Friday show, just days after another Dubai court rejected an extradition order for him.

The order by the Dubai Court of Appeal against Sanjay Shah comes as part of a civil case filed four years ago by Denmark’s tax authority, who have been pursuing him as part of their investigation in one of the country’s largest-ever tax fraud case.

Denmark has accused Shah of masterminding an elaborate tax scheme for three years beginning in 2012 involving foreign businesses pretending to own shares in Danish companies and claiming tax refunds for which they were not eligible.

The Danish tax authority, Skattestyrelsen, filed the civil case against Shah in 2018 through a local Dubai law firm.

In its decision on Wednesday, the Dubai Court of Appeal said Denmark had sought USD 1.9 billion from Shah and his alleged accomplices.


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