Over Dh60,000 Currency, Assets, and Jewelry have to be declared


It is mandatory for all passengers entering or leaving the UAE with more than Dh60,000, or equivalent amounts in currency, financial assets, precious metals, or stones, to declare them to customs.

Families members over 18 years old may carry an amount not exceeding Dh60,000 or the equivalent in foreign currency without disclosing it to customs officers under the UAE’s disclosure system.

The cash and other valuable items carried by passengers less than 18 years of age, including children and adolescents, are added to their parents or accompanying adult family members’ set limits.

‘Afsah’ or other disclosure systems approved at the country’s border crossing points must be used to disclose any amount of cash exceeding the aforementioned limit. By using the ICA’s website and smart mobile app, travelers can disclose cash and other financial instruments, precious metals, and stones online. In a few minutes before and during their journey, travelers can complete the disclosure process and register their information easily and from anywhere.

This is to ensure a safe and comfortable journey to and from the UAE.


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